Abyss Defiant Review

We will not go quietly.

Abyss Defiant is a Legendary primary auto rifle.

This weapon can only be acquired by defeating Crota on Hard Mode.


The good: Balanced stats, Focused Fire.

The bad: Lich Bane & Hive Disruptor can’t be used in PvP.

Conclusion: Amazing PvE auto rifle, with Focused Fire it’s great for PvP too.

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This is a Legendary Weapon
Auto Rifle (Primary Weapon)
Solar Base Damage/Upgraded300/331
Quality Lvl60
Rate of Fire
Magazine Size

Aim Assist
Equip Speed
Recoil Direction

Talent Upgrades Tree

Solar Damage

This weapon causes Solar damage.


Agile sight. Lightning-fast handling.

+15 Reload


This weapon has bonus accuracy while firing from the hip.

Decreases bloom by 33%.

Upgrade Damage 1

Increases Attack Power, resulting in more Damage.


Switch weapons faster. Move quicker while aiming.

50% quicker switch speed & 10% quicker movement speed when ADS.


Projectiles have a chance to disorient Hive Wizards.

Upgrade Damage 2

Increases Attack Power, resulting in more Damage.

Upgrade Damage 3

Increases Attack Power, resulting in more Damage.


Accurized sight. For precise fire.

+6 Range
+9 Stability


When zoomed, this weapon fires slower, but causes additional damage.


This weapon has extremely low recoil.

+35 Stability


Increase damage to Hive Majors.

Upgrade Damage 4

Increases Attack Power, resulting in more Damage.


Snapshot sight. Enhanced target acquisition.

+14 Stability


When held, this weapon grants +2 character Agility.

Upgrade Damage 5

Increases Attack Power, resulting in more Damage.

Video Review

Weapon Review

Abyss Defiant, the only Solar auto rifle, is a real threat in PvE and is a worthy alternative for SUROS Regime. Exclusively obtained from the level 33 difficulty of Crota’s End, it has a chance of dropping from the Bridge encounter.

On paper its stats are similar to the vendor alternatives, For The People, Do Gooder V, and Up For Anything. In the Crucible, either of those could preform just as well. So what sets Abyss Defiant apart from the rest? Lets find out!

Recommended Perks

Red Dot-ORS
+6 Range
+9 Stability

Focused Fire
Additional damage when zoomed in

Perfect Balance
+35 Stability

The Good

Abyss Defiant has very balanced stats compared to its Legendary alternatives, just as the Fang of Ir Yût did. It’s one of the few elemental primary weapons, and the only auto rifle that will rip through Wizards like a butter knife because of Solar damage and Lich Bane.

Wizards will be disoriented after a few seconds of continuous fire and will react in the same way that they do to a Titan’s Flashbang grenade. Lich Bane will last for 5 seconds and will activate 1-2 times per magazine.

Its rate of fire and Impact is shared not only by For The People, Do Gooder V, and Up For Anything, but also Hard Light and Monte Carlo.

While zoomed in with the Focused Fire perk active, a full 31 round magazine can be emptied in 5.5 seconds. While zoomed in without Focused Fire, a full magazine can be emptied in 3 seconds. Using Focused Fire will allow you to do roughly 35% more damage, albeit at a slower pace (similar to SUROS Regime).

As stated above, Abyss Defiant‘s Impact is shared by many of the other auto rifles, sitting right in the middle between the lowest (2) and the highest (28). While it would have been awesome to have it increased just slightly, using Focused Fire helps out and makes up for it.

While using Hip Fire, tier 1 enemies will take 105 damage to the body and critical shots will deal 261 damage. With Focused Fire, doing 35% more damage, tier 1 enemies will take 105 damage to the body and 348 to the head.

abyss defiant wizard review

Its range is average, trumped by For The People and Up For Anything, but just by a small margin. If you find you need additional range, just use the Red Dot-ORS scope. Coupling that scope with Perfect Balance is probably going to be your best bet, since you get the range+stability with that combination.

Stability is again, average, also lower than For The People and Up For Anything. For maximum stability you’ll want to use the Red Dot-OAS scope. Obviously it might take some getting used to if you’re accustomed to the higher stability auto rifles, but once you unlock Perfect Balance, it’s really not bad at all.

What Abyss Defiant does excel at is reload speed, 1.7 seconds with its default QuickDraw IS scope. The base speed is only barely beaten by Hard Light. It’s got the fastest base reload speed of any Legendary auto rifle.

As with each of the Crota’s End raid weapons, Hive Disruptor will provide about 400 additional damage to Hive Majors., making it much more powerful in Crota’s End.

The Bad

Abyss Defiant has OK perks, but they’re better for PvE content. In PvP, Lich Bane, Hive Disruptor, and Solar damage are totally worthless. It’s not a bad weapon to use in PvP, but it’s certainly going to serve you best in PvE.

As mentioned above, many of the vendor alternatives have similar stats, and if you’re lucky enough to get perks like Field Scout, Third Eye, Counterbalance, or Hammer Forged, those weapons would do better in PvP.

Abyss Defiant‘s saving grace is the ability to focus fire, which very few auto rifles have. Hip Fire, though some may appreciate it, shouldn’t be used over Focused Fire unless you’re in close quarters.

Single Point Sling and Lightweight both are OK perks, but really not worth using. High Caliber Rounds or Snapshot would have been much better choices, but Perfect Balance is the clear winner for most circumstances.

Speaking of Perfect Balance, even with it, the recoil pattern veers to the right. Because of the low range, its recoil is even more of a pain, but it’s definitely not as bad as Payback SOS. Once you’ve played a few games with it, you’ll adjust it accordingly.

abyss defiant review


All in all, while not the best choice for use in the Crucible, it’s an amazing auto rifle for PvE. There’s no better feeling than destroying Wizards with this weapon.

It’s a contender for best PvE auto rifle along with Atheon’s Epilogue, and for those who prefer the a slower rate of fire, it could easily hold the crown.

Compared to the other raid weapons, the perks aren’t stellar, but we do recommend upgrading it fully.

For PvP this weapon earns a 8.5/10 and for PvE a 9.2/10.
abyss defiant pvp review


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  • Mezi-Crochet

    Completely! Love this gun!

  • Jason Filar

    Absolutely best Alt to my Suros, AMAZING gun so far!

    • ThatGuy

      Good to hear, just got it last night!! I got this along with the Oversoul Edict, any experience with that gun??

      • Jason Filar

        I use it in Nightfall for Arc Burn, and to tear through Knigts and Captains, I’m hoping that the upcoming buff makes it better though

        • Az

          This weapon does”Solar” damage… can you explain how using it for “Arc Burn” is helpful?

          • Jason Filar

            Reread the context….. I was replying to his question about oversould edict….. Also if u look at when i comment u can see that it was not today or recent.. When i say nightfall i mean it is my go to gun for primary that needs burn on it… Abyss for solar, oversoul for arc etc………

  • Mezi-Crochet

    Word of Crota will have a 10/10 review in PVE if Abyss have 9.2 🙂

    • BAMozzy69 .

      I would probably give the Word of Crota an 8.5 based on Abyss Defiant getting a 9 (I don’t think it merits a 9.2). Oversoul Edict would get an 8.8 and Fang of Ir Yut an 8.2

      • xxMasipoten

        fang of ir yut got a 9 both pve and pvp, check the review

        • BAMozzy69 .

          I don’t care how somebody else scored this weapon. It is after all just an opinion and my opinion is that its not as good as the other primary weapons available in the hard CE raid!
          Believe it or not people can make up their own minds!!

          • xxMasipoten

            I was telling you it got a 9 cause you said it will get an 8.2, I wasn’t being rude when i said check the review, so hold your horses bro, and I personally thinks its really good (fang of ir yut). About the abyss, its a great weapon however, it has no chance agains my suros in pvp and i dont like auto rifles for pve, however i dont thinks there is a better weapon than abyss for solar nightfalls except maybe for mythoclast, but abyss lets you use ib or ghorn.

          • BAMozzy69 .

            I know what it got in their review as I read it yesterday with interest to see what they thought compared to my own experiences. The scores I mentioned above are MY scores for each weapon based on experience and personal feeling in the same way the reviewer rated the weapons the way they did. There is no way I would rate the Fang any higher than 8.2 and that’s purely for the fact its Arc based – without that 7.5 at most!
            Weapons like Another NitC/Saterienne Rapier have better perks – like Firefly, Outlaw etc. I would rather take Oversoul Edict or even my 300 attack Fatebringer than use Fang on an Arc Burn Nightfall so that’s why I rank it like this. I know it is essentially a good Scout Rifle but it isn’t as good as VoC. I know it has similar stats but something about VoC that set it above and made it more desirable than even many exotics.

          • xxMasipoten

            Yeah, maybe. In my personal opinion I like fang of ir yut the most out of the 4 but I still think it’s not better than abyss defiant it’s just that I dont like auto rifles for pve, oversoul edict looks good, but it’s a hig rate of fire/low impact gun just like the majority of the pulse rifles and again I prefer high impact guns for pve just like hand cannons and scouts. Btw, word of crota was a big dissapointment to me.

          • BAMozzy69 .

            Oversoul Edict surprised me the most actually. I don’t tend to use Pulse Rifles that often and after Praedyth’s Timepiece I didn’t expect this to be that great. However whilst using it in the process of upgrading, it is much better than its stats make it out to be.
            Word of Crota is good but its another of those that suffer because of how good the VoC weapons are. After Fatebringer, I expected more from Word of Crota but its still a very usable weapon and the only Void one from CE too.
            I don’t mind using any type of weapon in PvE and like to use a variety anyway. I have all the Exotics – 20 as I am on XB1 – well apart from Necrochasm but that’s only just available- all VoG weapons and now all CE weapons too and the majority get used frequently – a couple rarely if ever (No Land Beyond and Universal Remote…)

  • BAMozzy69 .

    This is my favourite of the 4 primaries available in Crota’s End. Its the reason why this was a no-brainer to upgrade this weapon first to 331 and was a great help with my 2nd and 3rd Hard completions this week – a great alternative to Suros which then meant I could equip Gjallahorn or Icebreaker. I know I could have used HoC or BH but those Exotics are better.
    I haven’t noticed that the Hip-fire is particularly bad that I would rather use the extra hip fire accuracy perk any way. I suppose though I tend to hip-fire when the enemy is very close and its difficult to miss.
    Whilst the Focussed Fire may slow the fire rate down, it certainly doesn’t slow it as much as Suros does so it could very easily be matching its damage output per min.
    I know the ‘Lich Bane’ perk may only benefit those encounters against Wizards but there are a lot of encounters with them. Also the Hard Raid does have some very annoying Wizards too and this certainly helped my team a few times. Its also a lot more useful (as is Hive Disruptor) than the VoG weapons ‘Oracle Disruptor’ perk as these benefit you outside of the Raid.
    As I said elsewhere this is my favourite weapon of the 4 with Oversoul Edict next- Its a Knight slayer!! Word of Crota is next with the Fang of Ir Yut last as to me it has unremarkable perks, no real role (in PvE) at least and is just an Arc based ”Another NitC’

    • privater

      I agree with you, I like this AR, and dislike the Hand canon, WoC It only do a little better than the fatebringer (crit 1047 vs 1028 fate on lv33 thrall ) but with inferior perks, neither help reload or max out damage. Only time feels good is vs hollow knight with 270 more damage of hive dis perk.

      • Olivier Droppert

        dont forget that explosive rounds adds around 120 extra damage

        • BAMozzy69 .

          Explosive rounds are not as good as it does area damage and takes away too much from the crit damage n my opinion. They re nothing more than a novelty

          • Mezi-Crochet

            I think Hammer Forged is the best Perk of the fifth column for this weapon.

          • BAMozzy69 .

            That’s what I use on my Word of Crota too…

          • Olivier Droppert

            I dont get how it takes away from crit damage? a crit hit on a target is what, around 1000/1200 and than you also get the 120 damage on top of that (also on the main target)

          • BAMozzy69 .

            Actually if you use Explosive Rounds. the Critical damage drops significantly and you get area damage. You do NOT get the same critical damage as the standard non-explosive option as some of that damage is taken up in area damage. Even the description says a portion of the damage is dealt in an area. If you are getting 1000 crit with explosive rounds (for example) you could get 800 crit and 200 explosive (area) damage. Whilst this may be OK against Tier 1 enemies, it can mean you need 2 shots instead of 1 against higher enemies.

  • Bobby Jennings

    Shingen-E can actually get Focus Fire as well.

  • Lucas
  • BAMozzy69 .

    Just done this weeks Nightfall (x3) and all I can say is this (along with Oversoul Edict) is an absolute beast!!!!

    • Mezi-Crochet

      I did it with FANG and you know what?? REAL BEAST! 331 weapon with damage burn… will be BEAST right now! And with the major hive thing… oHHH GOD!

      • BAMozzy69 .

        I preferred my 331 Oversoul Edict as that absolutely destroyed all the Knights with their Shields and made a mess of Omnigal too.
        Each to their own of course but the fang cannot compete with Oversoul on this!

        • Mezi-Crochet

          Actually, I have to admit than Abyss defiant made a better job on this Nightfall than FANG. Abyss is really a wizards crusher.

          • BAMozzy69 .

            It is awesome! I had someone in my fireteam with Abyss Defiant and I ran with Oversoul Edict (as I was the only one with this) and it made this a lot easier – even with all the Burns. He concentrated on the Wizards whilst I concentrated on the Knights. Between us both we took care of Omnigal quite easily with me taking down her shields and he disorientated her…

  • Cyrus Robinson

    If it’s RoF goes from emptying in 3 seconds to emptying in 5.5 seconds and only has a damage increase of 35%, you are losing a lot of DPS (About 26% – about the same difference between a new legendary and it being 331). I don’t use focused fire for that very reason, I almost immediately noticed that turning on that perk made everything take noticeably longer to kill.

    • Frank Nutti

      You would have to remember the better aim tho. You hit more shots and harder, if you have amazing aim and recoil compensation then keep hip fire on. I switch between the 2 perks a lot. It just depends on what your doing

  • Charlie Malbaurn

    Pretty sure that this weapon drops off the second bridge in hard mode. Not just on Crota

  • Devon Humpert

    With Focus Fire, the Aybss Defiant has the lowest TTK (time to kill) of all AR’s in Crucible.

  • J.T

    I honestly prefer using it without Focused Fire, especially after the update. I’ve found that it’s difficult to put out enough damage with Focused Fire after the nerf, and your likely to die before you get a kill. With Red Dot-ORS and Perfect Balance, it has almost no recoil which makes getting headshots easy despite it’s high ROF.

  • Louns

    In PvP, isn’t the TTK faster without focused fire?

  • Erik Brown

    Article needs updated. I got one last night for finishing the lamps on hard mode. We didn’t have time actually finish Crota.