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We are PlanetDestiny.com. We’re a team of easygoing folks who love Destiny.

Our aim is to be a 1-stop shop for Destiny. Whether you’re looking for weapon reviews, in-depth guides, game analysis, database information, more Guardians to play with, or helpful videos, our goal is to provide quality content for every Guardian.

We also have an incredibly active Destiny forum: Become a part of Destiny’s friendliest and fastest-growing community! New members are the fiber that binds our community, so we welcome them warmly.

This page is an introductory piece, taking you through the our current activities, history, and the people that work to keep everything running smoothly. If there are any questions you feel we’ve left unanswered, or you’d like to know more, please feel free to ask in the comments section below, and someone will get back to you very quickly!

Our Ethos

We have an easygoing atmosphere and welcome everyone with open arms into the community.

We try to maintain a culture of teamwork and friendliness – with a focus, first and foremost, on fun. We ask, in return, for your active participation; your feedback and involvement is very much appreciated.

Ultimately, our focus is on you, and we need your help to provide the best experience possible. Be sure to share our content with who others you think would enjoy it.


PD was founded in early 2013 by Ryan as a Destiny-specific news outlet, and has seen incredible growth, thanks to several Youtube Spotlights, our continued presence on Twitter/Facebook, and several large site upgrades.

We also were featured in a Bungie Community Spotlight very early on, and more recently as well.



  • Thomas Isaksson | Manager, Design
  • Johan | Site Developer
  • Jan | Business Manager
  • Steve Bonham | Content Manager
  • Alexander | Site Engineer, Developer
  • FarCog | PvP Legends Manager

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