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We are PlanetDestiny.com. We’re a team of easygoing folks who love Destiny.

Our aim is to be a 1-stop shop for Destiny. Whether you’re looking for weapon reviews, in-depth guides, game analysis, database information, more Guardians to play with, or helpful videos, our goal is to provide quality content for every Guardian.

We also have an incredibly active Destiny forum: Become a part of one of Destiny’s most inclusive and fastest-growing communities! New members are the fiber that bind us, so we welcome them warmly.

This page is an introductory piece, with a brief history, and the people that work to keep everything running smoothly. If there are any questions you feel we’ve left unanswered, or you’d like to know more, please feel free to ask in the comments section below, and someone will get back to you very quickly!

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We try our best to maintain a culture of teamwork and friendliness – with a focus on fun. We ask, in return, for your active participation; your feedback and involvement is very much appreciated.

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PD was founded in early 2013 by Ryan as a Destiny-specific news outlet, and has seen incredible growth, thanks to several Youtube Spotlights, our continued presence on Twitter/Facebook, and several large site upgrades.

We also were featured in a Bungie Community Spotlight very early on, and more recently as well.



  • Thomas Isaksson | Manager, Design
  • Johan | Site Developer
  • Jan | Business Manager
  • Ryan | Editor
  • Steve Bonham | Content Manager
  • Alexander | Site Engineer, Developer
  • FarCog | PvP Legends Manager

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  • Kapil

    Do you guys accept guest articles? I have some ides on solving for reward system, and can blog it if you guys consider publishing it?

    Thx in advance.

  • gal2006

    hey guys ive been asking a lot of people and they liked the sound of the idea of a trade center and ill think thatl be really cool and would make the game even better

  • Paul Franco

    Hey guys love the podcast but can someone take it upon themselves to learn or teach everyone how to use a microphone. 50% of the time you either are whispering and mumbling then when you get excited or laugh you blast the microphone. Cmon guys I honestly don’t want to listen to the next one just because your sound guy or your hosts dont know how to operate a mic.

  • Chris Crash

    How about a comparison between top shotguns in the crucible using a fire team in Rumble to compare kill distance . All you hear on the forums recently is how Felwinters is so OP and you can’t compete without it . I find this hard to believe. I have Felwinters with LITC Hammerforged and Shot Package and although the kill distance is slightly further than the Vanguard Secret Handshake with the range perks i don’t think the difference is huge and is made up for by the slow fire rate.

    I’d love to see a comparison between the standard IB Felwinters , perfect roll Felwinters , found verdict , vanguard secret handshake , invective and sword breaker to see maximum kill distance that is possible against a low and heavy armoured guardian.

    • Good idea

      • Alex Howden

        Sorry to party crash but don’t know any other way to contact you.


        In the exotic weapon section, shotguns, sweet business tag needs to be changed to 4th horseman, thought I’d just point that out.
        Sorry again for high-jacking.