7 Facts You May Have Missed

I recently read an interesting article on Gamespot which rehashes some important Destiny that may have flown under your radar. You’d be surprised with how much you might learn. Head to their site to see the full story.

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  • Destiny will never reach a final level of balance

  • Everything in multiplayer is designed with a counter in mind

  • You’ll need to make lasting choices

  • Playlists will change fast and often

  • It’s an action game first and foremost

  • Success doesn’t come from twitch reflexes alone

  • You won’t be exploring a hopeless wasteland



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  • Squatchmen

    It was a good read

  • Nater-ater

    That last fact gives me an idea. Destiny is going to be a ten year project for bungie. We aren’t going to be exploring a hopeless wasteland. This is going to be really far fetched, but maybe after the ten years, their will be an endgame event were we eliminate the Darkness, drive out the alien baddies, and restore humanity to its former glory? A really out there idea, but tell me what you guys think.

  • Bubbais55

    All that I think about are special things that will set Destiny apart, and will it have things that I still love about this game…( end-game bosses, superb customization, deep and exciting exploration). I am glad to hear that every planet I will visit won’t be a dead world that only brings enemies. I want there to be secret areas that I can’t access until I’m strong enough, a driving story, amazing weapons in my arsenal and prizes I still want to claim, and space magic. Lots of space magic.