40 New Screens of Exclusive Content

It was recently announced that Playstation users would receive timed-exclusive content. Check out the list of weapons, armor, and ships, that are included in this timed-exclusive here. Xbox players will get access to these items come Fall 2015.

Here are 40 screenshots showing off some of this exclusive gear in the wild.



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  • Jeuthy

    3 more days !!!!

    • Yhgi117

      You lucky PS owner you!
      I’m on Xbox so I must bide my time in wait…

      • Drey

        Playstation Nation 🙂

        • Yhgi117

          *Shakes fist in rage*

  • Matt Dunnigan

    Wait. Fall of 2015………Didn’t Bungie say that is when the Exclusive Content ends like Xbox user get like a few weeks or days of this chance? Now that seems a little too unfair for Xbox users. But hopeful that will not be the case and at least its better than never getting it.