40 Fresh Screenshots!

Along with all of the new first impression articles released today, comes a plethora of freshly published screenshots. Hopefully all of these new images and details will satisfy your insatiable appetites for Destiny news. Thanks to this reddit post for the imgur link *Be warned there are actually only 39 screenshots.

Check out over 100 other screenshots on our official Screenshots page. Also be sure to watch the all new 7-minute Strike gameplay here.

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  • Squatchmen

    I’m an engine guy (graphics & physics) so I don’t know what to say on that end until I get my dirty/disgusting mits on the game, I mean it looks good, but maybe could be better.

    Overall, I think for the scale of the game, the graphics do look phenomenal and wasn’t too much of a sacrifice. But I’ll be eagerly waiting for even MORE gameplay and how it shakes up modern shooters and video games in this day and age and how they incorporate the story as well, maybe if we’re lucky the story won’t be so linear and might be purposely scattered for players to piece together themselves (which I’m a big fan of)

  • Liam Sutton

    On the second to last pic, i only saw the gaurdians and when i saw the looming figure i jumped out of my chair XD