3D-Printed Khvostov 7G-02

The first weapon you obtain in Destiny, the Khvostov 7G-02, has been printed to perfection by Reddit user faltion.



Creator of Planet Destiny’s Top 5 community content videos.

  • DerultimativeOzzy

    A bad juju that can let smoke come out of the skull would be an awesome creation.

  • SGT_Pannenkoek

    This gun isn’t just designed for 10 minutes of gameplay at the beginning.. take it with you in crucible :). NOT Iron Banner though 😉

    • Christian

      I know I did. It’s a very fair weapon, works pretty well.

    • Password?

      It’s just as good as any other weapon with decent impact and rate of fire. Still don’t get why people think it’s such a great gun in crucible. Impact is king in crucible so it doesn’t really matter what weapon you use as long as it hits hard.