The Art of Destiny Volume 2 Giveaway

Hello! My name is Marksquare, here to talk about the newly released The Art of Destiny – Volume 2.

It should be said right up front that this book is beautiful with a ton of pages full to the brim with behind-the-scenes looks at how Destiny 2 came to be! It has a wealth of knowledge about the design process for Destiny 2 and even goes back to cover some of the expansions in Destiny 1.

I’m an artist that does a lot of Destiny fan art, so of course I have nothing but respect for the artists who work at Bungie. They have created a world that players want to live in and are very passionate about. I feel that’s why one reason why there is so much vocal feedback about Destiny. But very rarely are people complaining that the visual direction isn’t awesome. So as you might imagine, a book dedicated to the art of Destiny really appeals to me.

This book also highlights many of the graphic design elements in the game. Pages 48 and 49 have many of them including my personal favorite Ramen Shop logo. It’s fascinating to see how concept art evolves and gets incorporated into the final version of the game. There isn’t a single page of the book that I would hesitate to leave on display on my coffee table.

The Art of Destiny Volume 2 is being given away for free by the publisher Insight Editions. To enter, follow this link:

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