13 Changes That Could Benefit Crucible

  • Removing the recent changes to initial flinch won’t make primary battles such a pain.
    • High-Impact archetypes do deserve to deal increased flinch.
  • Agility provides a much larger benefit at the highest levels, and there is a greater penalty for using minimum Agility. This will incentivize people to make choices other than maximum Armor and Recovery.
  • 5% damage boost to all ARs & are given the ability to deal increased flinch. This allows the low-impact archetype to be an effective counter to shotgun rushing, without making it too powerful outside of its given range.
  • 1% damage boost to high-impact hand cannons. Brings them up from 95/64 with the possibility to two-shot Guardians with 3 armor or less, to 96/64 with the possibility to two-shot Guardians with 5 armor or less.
  • Reset the accuracy bloom effect on all HCs to pre-1.1.1 levels.
  • Thorn is given back the range that was taken away with the last nerf.
  • Reduce HC aim assist across the board by 15% or more to reduce ability to engage at long distances without precise aim.
  • Remove the in-air accuracy buff that HCs received. Either all weapons should be accurate in air, or none should. Leaving only one class accurate while jumping eliminates choice in high level gameplay.
  • For very-low impact PRs like Clever Dragon, aggressive damage fall-off is added, similar to that which is currently on ARs and HCs. No longer would they be able to compete at scout and sniper distances while still dealing full damage.
  • Tie the inventory stat to the impact stat for special weapons like snipers and shotguns. Higher impact specials should consistently get significantly less ammo than their low-impact counterparts, and it should be advertised as such in game to promote greater variety in special weapon choices.
  • Thanks to the removed flinch mechanic, we need to make sure snipers don’t become over used again. To do this, decrease base sniper aim assist; they should reward accuracy.
  • Make the difference between low and high impact shotguns’ ranges less. If the base range of low-impact shotguns is increased, more people will see them as a viable option.
  • Bring back the larger maps for Control, and add 1 more point between each team’s spawn and B. This will enable the scores to progress more quickly, and will allow longer ranged primaries a place where they will be the most useful.
Author of Massive Breakdowns, Crucible enthusiast, recovering re-roll addict.