10 Rare Weapons You Should Own

Published on: Feb 2, 2015 @ 14:44

Everybody wants to get their hands on the best Exotic and Legendary weapons, but when you’re first starting out, what should you use?

You may not realize it, but some of the best weapons in Destiny might be in your inventory right now!

When you’re ready to replace your Rare weapons, we’ve got a growing list of Legendary reviews.

For Exotic weapon tips, we’ve reviewed them all, and also have them placed in PvE and PvP tiers.

If you’re a beginner and need some tips, check out our PvP guide and farming guide.

If you’re new to Destiny, or need some non-Legendary weapon ideas, try these:

These weapons will be most useful in normal Crucible matches, where Attack value doesn’t make a difference.

Do you agree with this list? What Rare weapons do you consider the best of the best?

Bronzed Chasma Esc

This Shotgun has the Highest Impact and Range of any Shotgun in the game. When it comes to Crucible, this is a good as it gets. It has a punch so big you won’t drop foes faster with anything else. If you are really lucky you might even end up “Field Choke”, “Shot Package”, “Hand Loaded” or “Lightweight”.

With a kick this big, you’ll even feel motivated to use it in PvE. It is capable of knocking down huge enemies and will take a Minotaur down in 1-2 hits.

Obtained: Crucible



This is a true Crucible sniper. It has a rate of fire faster than any Sniper in the game (tied with By Royal Permit). If you aren’t the best at landing headshots, this weapon can follow up rapid torso shots to drop your targets fast. You’ll be able to recover from you previous encounter promptly to engage your next.

This weapon will be much harder to obtain as it is one of the original vanilla weapons and drops much more infrequently.

Obtained: Random Strike

Helios FR5

Helios FR5

A very commonly found weapon, usually found in Decoherent Engrams. It has the highest charge rate out of the Rare Fusion Rifles.

If you get close enough, this weapon is about as good as it gets. Since it drops from Engrams, you will be likely to get frequent duplicates of this weapon, so you can score all of the Stats you want in due time.

A very similar alternative would be the Bronzed Nox Volo V which can be found in the Crucible.

Obtained: Decoherent Engrams

Pickpocket Saint

Pickpocket Saint

There is a very good reason why this is a must-have weapon: It has the highest Impact of all Scout Rifles (tied with Overlord U31Silvered Kín SR5, and a few others). If you are a Crucible player, this weapon can potentially 3-hit-kill!

This is a scout rifle that hits with the power of most hand cannons. As for PvE, you will get much more kick with each round and you will be much more likely to drop foes with just a single shot.

Obtained: Random Strike

Stalker BNGL

Stalker BNGL

Yep, another Scout Rifle. This one is great for because of its high Impact and above average stats all around. It’s got average reload speed and rate of fire, but it excels at everything else. It has almost the exact same stats as The Saterienne Rapier.

If you get it more than once, you can get a chance to have better perks each time round.

Obtained: Random Strike

Black SUROS PPG-96

With excellent Impact and range, and above average stability, this beast of an auto rifle is perfect for fans of the high Impact/low RoF archetype. It’s almost identical to the popular Vanquisher VIII.

With the Glass Half Full perk you’ll be able to unleash a ton of damage.

Obtained: Crucible

New Heart LDD

If you are a fan of Pulse Rifles, this vicious weapon will serve you well. It has a non-obstructive design so it’s extremely easy to use. Just as well, it has the highest Impact and near highest range possible. It has average stability, but you can use the perks to try increase it.

It closely performs to Three Little Words (its Legendary equivalent). Save yourself the Marks and go for New Heart LDD instead.

Obtained: Random Strike

Polite Denial 0/1

Polite Denial 01

This is a fantastic Hand Cannon. It has ideal stats which surpass even Timur’s Lash in some categories (stability, magazine). If you are looking for a Legendary substitution, this is the perfect weapon.

The visual style of this weapon is also very nice. So, if you are a big fan of powerful hand cannons, this weapon will serve you well. A critical shot will hit for an impressive 95 damage, and 64 to the body.

Obtained: Random Strike

ALR96-40 Overkill

The name says it all. This sleek Rare auto rifle has truly fantastic stat based qualities. This weapon is outstanding for the Crucible because of the unflinching recoil. It has the ability to pelt massive amounts of bullets down range without even shaking. It is very, very easy to track any enemies you may be fighting, and nearly has the highest base stability.

Due to these qualities, it makes a great substation for many of the prestigious Vanguard and Crucible Legendary Auto Rifles. Matching with similar stats, you can get this weapon without spending a single Mark. You also have the potential to land some great perks when you acquire this weapon.

The vendor weapons fire with unnerving and intimidating cracks that follow each round, which sometimes makes it hard to hear what else is happening around you. The ALR96-40 Overkill is much more silent, and grants you that peripheral hearing advantage.

It puts the Gunsmith‘s popular Shingen-E to shame, by surmounting every single one of its stats.

Obtained: Random Strike

Arighan’s Blossom

This weapon occupies a sweet spot range just falling under medium range, the optimum distance for Machine Guns. Take Arighan’s Blossom when you want to get personal with you targets with both intimation and sufficiency in firepower.

The rate of fire and Impact is matched by MG18A Harm’s Way.

Obtained: Random Strike


Don’t overlook some of these amazingly designed beauties. You’ll be surprised how well some of them perform, and if you’re lucky enough to get the perks you want, you might even prefer using these Rare weapons over their Legendary alternatives!

Though the statistics of weapons can easily be compared in Destiny by simply holding down a button, such a mechanism only allows for a cursory look at the base damage per bullet of a weapon.

It cannot be stressed enough though that while such data can be used with a little math and a weapon comparison chart to determine what your favorite class of weapon can do, the weapon’s perks are just as important, and the rare weapons have the potential for some great perks.

Once you’ve exhausted your Rare weapon(s) and are ready to move on, check out this weapon spreadsheet by Reddit user exxtrooper. Use it to get a sense of how weapons in Destiny stack up against each other.


Check out forums.planetdestiny.com if you’d like to talk to others about Destiny in a friendly and welcoming community! :)

  • Kou Vang

    Im assuming this is for pvp as att lvl dont matter. Seen some of these, but never thought of it till now.

    • Yep, they’d be more powerful in regular Crucible matches

  • Maestroke

    i always go all rare weapons in crucible =)

  • Krysalid

    Since I had to put my Hawkmoon on hold while I use my Ice Breaker,

    Polite Denial 0/1 has been my go to in PvE, since it handles even better than my The Chance (not fully upgraded). It’s nice to see I’m not the only one giving it a try.

  • ƩɴɪɢϺΛ™

    You forgot one very powerful weapon, that is if it drops correctly.


    Acquired from blue primary engrams. Low-RoF, higher-damage AR. Similar stats to Vanquisher and Black SUROS one mentioned above. Except for one perk. Focused Fire. The perk that makes the Regime most of the beast it is. If you can roll a Galahad with Focused Fire, good red dots, and either Hand Loaded for range increase, or Fitted Stock for stability, you have yourself a 30-round mini-Regime, free exotic slot, and doing 36 dmg per headshot in PvP. Mine came with the OES red dot (same as on VoC for example) and hand loaded. So much fun. Go forth and rek, Guardians.

    • Christian

      Sorry about that, Just had to give the Place to “ALR96-40 Overkill” (: Might be doing another one of these because there are more Rares that really deserve the spotlight.

      • rodman

        I have the alr with focused fire and hammer forged. Best auto rifle i have used and I own them all

  • FranticGolf

    Keep a lookout for shoot to loot I got it on the stalker and carry it for NightFall and use it to shoot and pickup ammo from across the map or if out of reach makes a big difference.

    • Christian

      You are so right. They are simply a must have. I made sure to have one Scout Rifle with it on each of characters. Life saving.

    • bibbledibble

      I rolled mine with both STL and explosive rounds. It’s a BEAST.

  • Michael Acuna

    Is it just me but all the legendary weapons (especially vendor weapons) look so boring. The rare weapons have do much more style and uniqueness

    • Tenabrus

      not to mention rare gear looking much better than almost every legendary gear in the game

    • NLK3

      Sadly, legendary weapons don’t have individual designs. Unlike the Stalker BNGL. They all either have a Vanguard color with the V/ Symbol, Crucible color, Future War Cult look, New Monarchy look, or Dead Orbit look. Even some commo and uncommon armor look dope. If there was a way to make your armor look like another armor without jeapordizing the stats of what you’re really wearing, that would be awesome, even weapons! I want to wear all Ahamkara armor (sadly, they’re all exotic).

      EDIT: Or… maybe custom weapon shaders? May be hard to do per weapon, but c’mon!

      • Taylor6979

        Or just make your Armor Shader effect the color of your weapon.

      • TheFossilMan

        I agree with you. They did it in Diablo where once you obtain a skin you can change any piece of the same type to look like that. It allowed me to make my level 5 crusader loolike a level 70. IT was great because I had already put the time into my Witch Doctor.

  • Sn3aKerLORD

    So wait wait wait a second…people hold up ( i havent been on destiny in a long time. When did rares go up to 300 attack

    • The new ones that came with TDB

  • Ceeck

    Yet another reason why we need the abilty to collect and wear armour and weapon skins. https://www.bungie.net/en/Forum/Post/88755674/0/0/1

    • True Radiant Free

      Yep, I would love to have my Raku Vindicator/ Gravebreaker as a Light Level 36 helmet for my hunter (I have the raid helmet and Exotic ones, but we should be allowed to have a visual sidegrade other than IB gear).

  • True Radiant Free

    Before DLC: the hidden gem was Sir Isaac, the only other hand cannon I know of that uses the same Fatebringer, Word Of Crota model, AND it was a sweet teal color.

    Just yesterday, I got a Stalker BNGL with Shoot to Loot!

    Awesome article!

    • rodman

      Sorry guys Backhanded compliment with luck in the chamber perk takes it

    • bibbledibble

      I rolled it with shoot to loot AND explosive rounds. Holy MOLY is it awesome. It ends up picking up anything in the explosion radius, and that can really kick ass when you’re camping Templar, and the Hobbs keep dropping ammo too far away to reliably hit it.


    If only you could evolve rare weapons into legendary weapons like the Necrochasm.

  • Knl_Metzger

    For the New Heart LDD. i have that and the Evergreen II.I is a better alternative. It’s really the same but with a fix to the stability issue both three little words and new heart have. best pulse rife i can find in the game right now. in particular the one i have with Zen moment fires like a laser beam.

    • Futuristic Ronin

      i totally agree on that. I have the evergreen that can shoot in full auto. Love the thing to bits. My go to pulse rifle when i want to use it.

      • Christopher Lee Allen

        It’s amazing how well this gun performs in pvp and pve. I was lucky enough to get Luck in the Chamber and Explosive Rounds which tears through almost everything. Plus it frees up exotic space.

      • Chris R.

        same, got it with full auto, 96 for a full burst to the head in pvp.
        (that’s the same as a headshot with hawkmoon)

  • Isaac FluffyWolf Rader

    Also, the Painted Big Chief mk.45 is pretty good too. Impact and range are DAMN good.

  • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

    kinda weird that some of the best aesthetically pleasing guns are rare guns…while the legendaries looks really generic.

  • Lara Croft

    Stranger’s Rifle is the still the best Rare weapon in the game, in my book.

    • Darryl Walker

      I held onto it for when my other characters hit level 16 for that reason.

  • I’ve had the Polite Denial 0/1 for a while now and when I initially got it, I was surprised that it pretty much blew everything that I had already out of the water (granted, not much of it is fully upgraded). It’s been the one rare weapon that I’ve actually held on to 🙂

    • Christopher Lee Allen

      It’s amazing how well this gun performs in pvp and pve. I was lucky enough to get Luck in the Chamber and Explosive Rounds which tears through almost everything. Plus it frees up space for exotics

  • Haydn

    Wow…the stalker’s appearance puts mida multi tool to shame ;P

  • Thiago123

    Heaven Can Wait, Rare TDB Hand Cannon, did very well for me in Crucible until I picked up a The Chance from FWC vendor AND got TFWPKY from an engram. Ryan and Patrick (since he loves hand cannons) should check it out.

  • Maestroke

    Bronzed Thutmose-D is a pretty solid machine gun. got it in dark below crucible. same impact as jolder’s hammer i think

  • TheKingNekro

    You forgot to mention Civilian Applications which can kill in 1 shot to anywhere in the body in Crucible if it has Final Round

    • ƩɴɪɢϺΛ™

      That’s my go to Crucible sniper. Mine also rolled fitted stock. Thing is filthy.

  • Kou Vang

    For rare guns, these are under the radar. But i been playing since day 1 and i finally landed the trophy Hawkmoon. But funny thing is, i gotten 3 today, all from crota raid(normal and hard).
    Since these gun cant be farmed directly for, it will be a good hunt.

  • Acogneato

    Unfortunately, i’ve had and dismantled all of these except the machine gun, because I have no space on my guardians and my VAULT IS FULL! Darn you Bungie

  • SAW The Spartan

    I personally am in love with the good ol reliable Khovostov, she’s surprisingly good in Crucible!
    Also, The speed Reload SUROS Shotguns should get a mention. Cheap, hard hitting, and good overall. SUROS, stop making good weapons!

  • DoomPenguin

    So can the old rare weapons drop from Vanguard ROC? Like the Saigon-LR5

  • John Martin

    The attack value number before you get to level 20 seems to be in the formula after level 20 the attack value has very little Bearing on the damage weapon does? Seems to me that impact Morange have more Barry not damage and attack value of the weapon so I’m confused on how the formula is set up.

  • Ultima3

    I have two weapons on the list, Polite Denial and the Stalker BNGL. My friend was shocked to see how much impact the Polite had when I showed him, he said it had more than Fatebringer! Sadly, mine only has the perk to quickly reload when mag’s empty and send-it plus quickdraw. I got the Stalker on the last strike I evr ran (b4 my stepmother starting bitching at me 2 get off as soon as I got into another) and I only kept it for the skin, I havent looked at its perks yet.

    • Christopher Lee Allen

      Keep doing ROC strikes. I got one with luck in the chamber and explosive rounds. It’s absolutly gnarly in the crucible.

      • Ultima3

        Sadly, I don’t play Crucible unless my friends drag me along with them. But I could see how those perks could work. And I checked my perks on the Stalker, and they AREN’T good either -sigh- RNG hates me (but i got a Last Word from the Nightfall)

  • Micah Yang

    Not to rip on bungie but all the loot looks the same…

  • ORB1T4L

    I love them, but I need more VAULT SLOTS dammit !

  • limaecho

    I think i have a better Pulse rifle for you: http://db.planetdestiny.com/items/view/1570484371

    It makes more damage than the newheart ldd and has a higher base stability

  • limaecho

    I have a better Pulse rifle for you: http://db.planetdestiny.com/items/view/1570484371

    It makes the same damage as the Newheart LDD, but it has a higher base stability.

  • lane underhill

    Backhanded compliment needs a mention in here, it’s one of the best hand cannons I’ve seen.

  • bibbledibble

    I got a Stalker BNGL drop with Shoot to loot and explosive rounds. I genuinely don’t think there could be a better shoot to loot gun rolled. I use it as my primary for most parts of most activities including Crota’s End on both normal AND hard mode. People laugh until I point out that I’ve used NO heavy synth in the same period of time as them using four.

    It took VoC’s place as my favorite gun in the game!

  • Chris R.

    Evergreen 11.1 pulse rifle is really good. It can 2 burst low armor foes in Crucible.

  • luisreyes

    I think heaven can wait is really good

  • Travis Knight

    Dead Air 09F3 is a rare pulse rifle with almost identical stats to the Red Death, with much higher stability. http://destinydb.com/items/3408183846-dead-air-09f3

    • Travis Knight

      Actually, destinydb shows that Dead Air 09F3 has 14 impact while Red Death has 12 impact…

  • ender

    if they are not legendary how do they have 300 attack damage

  • Aidan Lapenta

    When I first saw this I thought they meant you need to have them cause they look awesome (Stalker BNGL).

  • Paul Turner II

    Got that stalker and the polite denial. My polite has explosive rounds and last round. It is nice.