10 (More) Rare Weapons You Should Own

Published on: Mar 4, 2015 @ 13:19

Everybody wants to get their hands on the best Exotic and Legendary weapons, but when you’re first starting out, what should you use?

You may not realize it, but some of the best weapons in Destiny might be in your inventory right now!

When you’re ready to replace your Rare weapons, we’ve got a growing list of Legendary reviews.

For Exotic weapon tips, we’ve reviewed them all, and also have them placed in PvE and PvP tiers.

If you’re new to Destiny, or need some non-Legendary weapons, try these:

These weapons will be most useful in normal Crucible matches, where Attack value doesn’t make a difference.

What Rare weapons do you consider the best of the best? Share your thoughts!

Galahad-Ebest rare weapons

This weapon’s  name will echo down through the ages. It has earned a prestigious reputation with its coveted High Impact/Low RoF archetype, great magazine size and balanced traits throughout. With the arrival of patch 1.1.1, it has fallen from grace somewhat, taking the brunt of the impact nerf, but is still particularly deadly in the right hands.

If you manage to score the right perks, you will have yourself a vicious weapon for Crucible. The Galahad-Eis affectionately referred to by the community as the “Mini-Suros”, for its similar flair for guaranteeing sure and steady precision shot chains.

It drops in some of the earlier strike playlists, or from Primary Blue Engrams. [ROC strikes drop distinctive Red weapons, Tiger: turquoise, the earlier Strikes drop a light blue set of weapons].

Civilian Applications

This weapon can be one of the most obscenely overpowered weapons in the Crucible, especially if you’re lucky enough to get Final Round; that last bullet will one-shot enemies anywhere on the body!

If you find a perch near some special ammo, you can deliberately shoot down to the last round and wait for your target. This is one of the few sniper rifles with the required Impact to ensure one-shot Final Round kills while also having a low enough magazine size to take advantage of it early and often.

If you were unable to score an Efrideet’s Spear with Final Round, keep an eye out for this monster before you scrap your secondaries.

However, If you aren’t lucky with the perks, it’s basically just another cumbersome, slow-RoF sniper.

That Beautiful Glow

An incredible fusion rifle, this beast comes with an impressively fast charge time, almost on par with the well renowned Helios FR5.

Along with the quick charge speed, it’s got a very stable recoil pattern, which means it will dish out a phenomenally deadly and accurate bursts. If you land the Accelerated Coils perk you’ll be unstoppable with one of the quickest charging fusion rifles in Destiny.

It’s worth mentioning that Bronzed Nox Volo V has nearly identical stats, so be on the lookout for that as well.

We’ve also got a top 5 list of Legendary fusion rifles.

Evergreen II.IEVERGREEN II.I best pulse rifle

This is simply a must-have because of its devastating 2-burst kill in the Crucible. It has impressively soft recoil, excellent control and respectable range; you’ll never have to worry about the weapon veering off your target due to its impressive base stability.

Boasting an above average magazine size, it’s also got the highest Impact, tied with New Heart LDD which we featured in our first edition.

Backhanded Compliment

Sharing the same appearance as Timur’s Lash, this hand cannon has an impressive balancing point with its higher rate of fire – without the undue sacrifice of DPS .

When you are confronting rushing enemies like Thrall and Dregs, Backhanded Compliment will give you the edge you need with a great heap of stopping power and the rate of fire to take advantage of it.

It’s versatile and an absolute joy to use with a healthy magazine size of 8.

Affentheater C/L-A

You probably just see a name that is impossible to pronounce: Affenth-Eater? Affen-Theater? Affent-Heater? Who knows… but that’s beside the point.

This rocket launcher has functionality that may go overlooked; namely, its long-range bombardment capabilities are second to none.  If you get this weapon with Tracking Rounds you simply have the apex of rare rocket launchers.

Affentheater C/L-A has the near highest velocity of all rare rocket launchers. Thus, it is very good at reliably hitting enemies at extreme distances, without the need for excessive leading. Both shells will always reach their target promptly.

The Stranger’s Riflebest rare destiny weapons

Everybody had it (and probably dismantled it) but it’s now almost perfect for the Crucible. Its open sights, full auto capability, stable firing and high range makes it a very smooth and balanced choice.

If for some reason you never finished the story, now is the time! Upon completion of the Black Garden on any difficulty you will be rewarded this unique rare from the Exo Stranger – not too bad for saving the galaxy.

If you’re looking for something with more Impact, try out Echo 33 or Corona Msc.

Gallows Cure

This is rapid-fire scout rifle that deals very respectable damage in the Crucible. However, It’s got the lowest Impact rating of any Scout Rifle, so it’s recommend that you don’t bring it into PvE

With the fastest rate of fire it’s the perfect weapon for suppressing fire and stagger support. High Caliber rounds would allow it to perform this duty with even more proficiency.

Black Chasma ESc

This is the Bronzed Chasma Esc’s distant cousin (we featured it in our first edition).

Black Chasma ESc has a remarkable reload speed and the highest rate of fire, with much higher stability than its cousin. This is a great shotgun for chaining kills.

Its one downside, the range, can be compensated for with perk luck; both Shot Package and Hammer Forged are ideal for making this beast an outright monster. Inferno is waiting!

Bronzed Thutmose-D

If you’re a fan of the rate of fire that Against All Odds and Jolder’s Hammer has, you’ll love this machine gun.

It’s almost got the highest magazine size of the low RoF/high Impact archetype, only behind Xerxes-E. With a startling high base range, it is only lacking for stability. Rodeo or the proper barrel can remedy this. Consider Spray & Play for maximum uninterrupted firing time.


Don’t overlook some of these amazingly designed beauties. You’ll be surprised how well some of them perform, and if you’re lucky enough to get the perks you want, you might even prefer using these Rare weapons over their Legendary alternatives!

Though the statistics of weapons can easily be compared in Destiny by simply holding down a button, such a mechanism only allows for a cursory look at the base damage per bullet of a weapon.

top 10 rare destiny weapons

It cannot be stressed enough though that while such data can be used with a little math and a weapon comparison chart to determine what your favorite class of weapon can do, the weapon’s perks are just as important, and the rare weapons have the potential for some great perks.

Once you’ve exhausted your Rare weapon(s) and are ready to move on, check out this weapon spreadsheet by Reddit user exxtrooper. Use it to get a sense of how weapons in Destiny stack up against each other.


Check out forums.planetdestiny.com if you’d like to talk to others about Destiny in a friendly and welcoming community! :)

  • Urmomsphantasy

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      yeah, about right. I don’t think there is an actual correct translation though.

    • Bunnyapocalips

      aaaaand I was wrong. charade, a farce. But it is a very “old” German word, almost nobody uses it anymore… How did Bungie find it?

      • Christian

        Who knows. They are a bunch of pretty off the walls guys. Never underestimate their madness 😉

      • Dennis

        If somebody overreacts You can say: “Mach nicht so ein Affentheater deswegen!” You can translate it like: “Stop causing such a stress to You/ other people because of a little thing.

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  • Jarrett

    I’m so happy I have a character that is going to get the Strangers rifle, might actually be usable now

  • My maxed-out Bronzed Yamaduta has become indispensable. I still have my Stranger’s Rifle because, even with lower stats, it’s still an effective weapon.

  • Jarrett

    I also have a galahad E with focused fire. It is awesome!

  • Applejack

    Mentioning where each of the weapons can be obtained would be a welcome addition to the article, as seen in the first ten rare weapons article. I simply don’t know where some of these weapons can be found.

    Also, labeling the weapons with their type on the list at the top would be useful. Sure, I know what a Galahad-E is, but I’m at a loss with some of the more rare (ha!) ones.

    • dvnt

      Crucible, except for Stranger’s Rifle. That’s a story mode reward

      • Christian

        Technically not. Most of these are from specific strike play lists. Galahad can only be found in the “Eagle” playlist. and many are from the Roc strikes only (:

        • ed

          False, I have recieved 20+ galahads from roc strikes

          • Christian

            I do somehow doubt that :/ They aren’t actually on the loot table. You may, however, of received engrams that converted into a different “Galahad” weapon. But Galahad-E isn’t actually a possible drop of “Roc” strikes specifically. “Eagle” strikes for sure, though.

    • Christian

      Hmm, I did have it when I submitted the article, just to help out:

      -Galahad-E: Vanguard Strikes (Eagle/Viper/Wolf Playlist)
      -Civilian Applications: Crucible Rewards
      -That Beautiful Glow: Vanguard Strikes (Roc Only)
      -Evergreen II.I: Vanguard Strikes (Roc Only)
      -Backhanded Compliment: Vanguard Strikes (Roc Only)
      -Affrentheater: Vanguard Strikes (Roc Only)
      -Stranger Rifle: Complete Game
      -Black Chasms: Crucible Reward
      -Bronzed Thutmose-D: Crucible Reward

      Hope this helps (:

  • Loniz29

    Now if only I had more vault space to store these gems

    • Octus

      Exactly what I was going to say

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  • Mike M

    Why does exo’s spreadsheet have the Abyss Defiant listed as the same Rounds per Minute as Suros Regime with FF? Did not your own review of the AD say that with Focus Fire on the AD shoots faster than Suros in FF (among many other sources as well)?

    • I’m not sure, we don’t have control over what’s on that spreadsheet

  • ed

    Strangers rifel dominates crucible now!!! Love it, glad I saved on for my collection!

  • NLK3

    I always found it annoying that the stranger’s rifle didn’t do arc damage, since it shoots arc rounds. Also, the thing about rares now is that some actually almost reach 300 damage like the original legendaries. I only wish the vendors would cycle through the new and old legendaries with random perks. Relying solely on random drops, Nightfall, and the raids is too harsh when there’s a chance they’ll give you almost nothing.

    • Kenshiro Genjuro

      Agreed. That Cryptarch jerk reduces engrams into energy seemingly 80% of the time, to mediocre archetyped legendary weapons with lousy roles 80% of the remaining time, and “upgrades” to No Land Beyond 80% of what remains after that. I feel sorry for the early Destiny gamers that tolerated the insult of him downgrading legendary engrams to rare weapons most of the time. Absolutely sad.

    • The rounds don’t actually look arc, they’re just differently colored like Thorn or the Husk. Arc bullets are deeper blue like any arc sniper or the raid primaries.

  • Tere

    AS Urmomsphantasy said Affentheater is German = ligicly Translated it means Affen = Monkey Theather = theather or more rough translated Monkey Circus

  • Captainbirdseye

    Hey Ryan,
    Is there anyway we can work out impact stats ourselves ?
    I’ve been collecting random white, green and blue guns for awhile due to there impact bars and the damage they can achieve in crucible .

    • Christian

      I might be able to lend a hand. What specific part of the Impact are you looking for?

      The game does display a white bar for the Impact. You can easily compare this to other weapons by holding the Fire Trigger over another weapon.

      If you want specific numbers, head over to our “Database”. It is located on the top tabs menu of this site.

      Once there, select “Items”, then “Weapons”. You can the search the name of your weapon and it will display the numeric value of all of the stats. Here you can compare it to other weapons as well.

      Hope this helps.

      • Captainbirdseye

        Thanks Christian

  • Aron Beijl

    I have a rare handcannon called “Regulator Mk.56”

    It has an impact of a stunning 94, and even with its rather low RoF this thing is incredible. It hits like a truck at full speed. Definitely keep your eye out for it.

  • ItsJustinTheGame

    I say the Sir Isaac HC shouldve been mentioned

  • Petis17

    I got an arc bronzed thundermose-d and used it for omnigul weekly it 1 hit everything amazing impact

  • Paul Turner II

    I’ve got the ever green with counter balanced and speed reload. It almost has zero kick (almost maxed out though) and the reload is maxed out. This is tied with tlw but lacks the range.

  • Ian

    I know it’s been over a month since this entry, but you should add Clean Sweep (an auto rifle) to the list, if you haven’t. I don’t have it (have dismantled it a few times), but it is pretty beastly, even with the AR nerf.