1-Man Crota’s End

Reddit user slayerage was able to complete the entire raid by himself!


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  • Diego Pedrollo

    This guy is a f… god!

  • Y0urDepression

    watch someone from Bungie say this wasn’t how they wanted the game to be played

    • Marteinn Örn Óskarsson

      dafuq you mean. they have specifically talked about accommodating solo players? you forgot about that?

  • Guest

    Dude he totally had help on the witch part. No footage and you can see that a friend comes in at the 16:55 mark. Im not taking away what he did. It was awesome, but he did not solo the whole raid!

    • Manager of The Year

      That part skipped over is the easiest part of the entire raid. You just have to sit in the back and kill ADDS.